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Gems and Healing:


              The Healing Properties of Gemstones


                        Mythology of Gemstones

Please note that all metaphysical or healing properties listed here are collected from various online/ in print sources. This list is provided as accommodation to the visitors to our site and as a service only and is not meant as medical advice nor to treat any medical conditions.



 Cloud Pine Studio does not guarantee the validity of these statements:




Agate is a variety of Silica, chiefly Chalcedony, characterised by its fineness of grain and brightness of color. Although Agates may be found in various kinds of rocks, they are classically associated with volcanic rocks.                                        




Although it may look like one, Amber is not really a stone but the yellow-brown fossilized resin of trees. It is claimed that amber has calming effects, can absorb negative energy and helps the body to heal itself. Amber is fossilized tree resin sometimes with vegetation or insect inside it. Amber is used as an ingredient in perfumes, as a healing agent in folk medicine, and as jewelry.





Amethyst is a member of the quartz family. Also said: amethyst is to calm the emotions, create clarity of thought, and assist in attaining wisdom.It is also believed to draw the attention beyond the mind, to the realm of pure spiritual knowledge; and to help one let go of all that is old and holds back, in order to fully embrace one's spiritual destiny.



Apatite is the name of a type of mineral. Apatite minerals have the ability to capture and hold radioactive and metal contaminants. Large amounts of Apatite are in bones and smaller amounts are in rocks. apatites and Apatite- like minerals make up most of our teeth and bones. Apatite strengthens muscle tissue, aids in coordinating basic motor responses.




Aquamarine can be any shade of blue or blue-green, but clear blue aquamarine is generally more valuable. In folklore, aquamarine was believed to protect sailors at sea, and prevent seasickness. Aquamarine is believed to aid in releasing anxiety and fear, give insight and perception and give protection. Aquamarine gemstones are also credited with aiding in mental clarity and meditation.



Aventurine is said to be useful in relieving migraine and in soothing the eyes. Aventurine is a soother and helps relax one for a better night's sleep! It also relieves tension and shock. Improves vitality, encourages creativity, and serenity.




Beryl stone is considered to be a water stone. its lustrous color is often been used for its reference. It looks like transparent water in its transparent form and the blue variety is called the Aquamarine. It is believed that the English word brilliance has been derived from 'brill' a short form of the word Beryl. It is also said that Beryl helps improve intelect and will power.




deep green semi- precious stone flecked with red. It is believed that the Bloodstone will help overcome depression and melancholia, especially if it is worn by the sufferer. Bloodstone is also said to be a purifierer as it helps to allow light into the body.




Carnelian is a reddish variety of Chalcedony. This stone is useful for undersatanding one's rhythem and cycles. It is said that it helps depression and aids the sense of touch. it is also said that Carnelian grounds energies, assisting concentration and mental focus.



Citrine is the yellow variety of quartz. it is claimed that citrine is helpful to those who feel that they have misplaced their path in life and helps them to pick up a new sense of direction to rebuild the structure of their earthly existence. It is also said that Citrine helps to control the emotion and helps with relationships and self- knowledge. Helping for activation of mental powers and clarification of thought is also said to be one of Citrine's powers.

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