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Jade Pendant Necklaces
Please click on any link below the picture to go to Cloud Pine Studio/ The Jade Merchant at Etsy and see all the details:
Blue Indonesian jade, pair of carp fish, fertility talisman with carnelian beads necklace and Thai hill tribe silver 
Black jade pendant with carnelian beads and cinnabar charms necklace
White jade pendant necklace with baroque pearls and carnelian, vintage Chinese silver beads.

Chinese jade pendant with Yin & Yang and I Ching symbols

Designer necklace with loose ivory white jade ring & single strand shiny striped black and ivory agate beads



Custom Design necklace with rare purple/ lilac jade pendant & Japanese Boxwood Netsuke bunny rabbit

Vintage jade jewelry with brass chain and Chinese coins, two necklaces




Jade pendant mother earth fertility amulet pendant necklace with quartz and carnelian, Sterling silver wire & clasp.

When you click on the links below every picture, you will be taken to Etsy's detail page of the piece & you will be able to see more details and read about each piece:



Chinese jade Calligraphy pendant with large opal beads, carved agate beads and Thai silver




Jade phoenix & dragon pendant with new jade and strawberry quartz beads necklace



Pale blue jade infinity knot pendant with aquamarine beads and carnelian bead charms.



Carved light green jade bead pendant with fire agate and smoky agate beads




Beaded jewelry with Chinese hand carved nephrite jade pendant with traditional cord necklace


Custom Design carved jade pendant necklace with large opal beads and faceted jade beads.












Custom Design necklace with light green jade pendant & serpentine nuggets


Carved jade pendant with Botswana agate beads and carved bone charm with prosperity symbol