Cloud Pine Studio

Gemstone Bead Necklaces


Cloud Pine Studio & The Jade Merchant are now merged into this website for Original Design, Handcrafted, Gemstone Beads Necklaces  


The Idea

The idea of Cloud Pine Studio's name came from the Trilogy, His Dark Materials, written by the famous author, Philip Pullman.

A branch taken from a Cloud Pine tree was used for flying by the beautiful witch Serafina Pekkala, a clan queen, and her sisters. That magical branch of cloud pine tree is invoked here, with the same deep heartfelt wish and the fierce human dream for eternity, to FLY!



Style & Quality

The style of design in Cloud Pine Studio and its sister store, The Jade Merchant, is very unusual and unique. The combinations of different colors and gemstone beads root from how lovely these combinations would look.

There is little connection to the traditional strands of one color and kind. What you see in every necklace on this site is dreamed out of a single idea of making a beautiful piece of art that is unique and timeless.

Original Design & Handcrafted

Every necklace on this site is handcrafted in my studio in Los Angeles, California. Every piece is one of a kind and will not be reproduced exactly.


“ I accept a commission for creating another piece similar to one that a client loves. I always make the best effort to find unique gemstones of fine quality and workmanship to use in my designs. The satisfaction of each and every client is my final goal.”