Cloud Pine Studio

Gemstone Bead Necklaces

Gemstone beads come from all over the world

Agates, Botswana, crazy lace and other vast variety, come from the U.S., Africa and Europe. Carved jadeite, nephrite & serpentine charms and beads come from China and south east Asia. Malachite and azurite come from Africa. Moonstone and Labradorite come from Canada, Africa and the U.S. Pearls come from the Far East countries and islands in the Caribbean & south America. Carved / composite bone/ carved wood and cinnabar come from South East Asia, and so many other places.  Designers like me, look at these materials and choose to purchase one or the other, considering their source, color, quality of carvings, gemstone kind and of course size. Then, what kind of beads to use and their sizes and colors and possibly the spacers. All these elements are to work together to create a piece of art.

With the collection of gemstones and charms that I choose, I consider what kind of wire & clasp or cord would suite the piece I am designing best. There are stainless steel soft wires, gold soft wires, sterling silver wires, available in fine to heavy. For cords, there is a vast variety, from linen to leather to Asian round cords to soft satin cords. With fine custom designed pieces, I usually use sterling silver or gold wires and coordinating spacers and clasps.

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